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Finding a venue that is the right fight for our Girl’s Nights Out has proven a bit of a challenge.  As a result, we’ve had the opportunity to take our own little private tour of event facilities around town.  It’s been a fun little adventure for the group, and it’s been huge undertaking for me and the team to be in monthly contract negotiations, menu planning and fine-tuning logistics.  But it’s all been worth it in an effort to find the perfect space, to create an experience, that will be the foundation for connection, growth and fun.
Last month, after 5 months of party hopping, I thought we’d finally figured it out.
We held our little soirée at the country club around the corner.  This wasn’t my ideal, because I didn’t want it to feel “stuffy” or exclusive.  I had big reservations about holding an event, for tearing down presumptions and building up authentic love and support, at a Country Club.  I knew we could make it work, but it didn’t feel 100% right on.  I convinced myself that creating the feeling was up to us, not the club and that the parking, location and service would be worth it.  So we decided to plant our feet at “the club”.
A couple of days after our last GNO, I learned that there was a miscommunication and our date for October was filled before I could do anything about it
I wanted to scream.  In fact, I probably did.  But I knew. . . I knew I needed to do more digging. I knew (even through my gritted teeth) that there was a gift waiting, IF I would trust and insist on finding it.  So, as I resumed my exploration and expanded my familiarity with Frisco, TX on the Google Earth map, I told everyone I met.
I’m looking for the gift.
Almost everyone smiled that knowing smile, that I internalized to mean “Keep telling yourself that, girl.”  I think most thought I was a little coo-coo and let me go on looking.  But I truly believed it.  You know why?
Because I’ve seen it.  
I’ve seen it over and over again.  It’s not that one door closes and a window magically appears.  Nope.  Not at all.  It’s that what you look for, you will find.
What you expect will actually happen.  
I’d been searching for days on end for the perfect new location, to no avail.  There were beautiful spaces, that weren’t laid out just right.  There were decent places that just didn’t create the right feel.  I’d even explored our new spot at Crest via google, and told myself they’d never do it.  But I couldn’t give up, because I knew the gift was coming.  And it did. 
Our location for next week’s GNO is like a beautifully wrapped gift that was just waiting for us to find it.  
When one door closes, you have to decide to believe that it was the wrong door all along.  You have to take that new information and look deeper into yourself.  Look hard at the new situation and trust you will find the right path.  Then, you have to keep walking.
Stop hoping your gift is going to magically appear.  
You have to look for it.  Just because the door unexpectedly closed, you don’t get to sit around and wait for a window to open.  You can, but you might be sitting there for a while.  You have to get off your hiney, like a woman on a mission, to find the beautiful window that is waiting for her.
You have to look for the gift.
to more love,
P.S. If you’re not registered for next Thursday’s GNO, what are you waiting for sister?  There’s a gift in it for you, but you have to show up to find it!  Sign up today. 

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