Happy people get a bad rap

Happy people thankful people

When you’re having a bad day isn’t it easy to be annoyed with happy people?  I know it is for me.  (and I place HUGE value on being happy and having fun)

I usually thrive on it!

But if I’m having a little pity party, feeling frustrated and unsupported, happy people irritate me.

I want everyone to notice my pain, my frustration.  You know like, Can’t you see that I’m washing the dishes while you’re all laughing and playing?  When I’m my most mature self, sometimes I might even let out a moan or drop a dish in the dishwasher with a extra loud thud, just to make sure my pain is known.

When I’m focusing on my frustration, their happiness can only be seen as the cherry on top of my self-focus sundae.

And it’s annoying.  

I think to myself, Well, it’s easy to be happy and have fun when you’re the ones not doing any work. 

If I let myself, I can replay this over and over in my head for multiple situations throughout the day.

But in reality, it’s not happy people who are thankful.  It’s thankful people who are happy.

Your pain today might be more than a pity party.  It might be a real ache in your heart over a situation you can’t change.  Something you’d give anything to change or fix.  Or you might not have even noticed the state of your heart today.

Stop for one minute to notice what you’re feeling right now.  

If it’s joy, hope, peace or love, I’m guessing you have a heart full of gratitude. Keep it up!

If you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, lonely, afraid or angry, that stinks.  I know it does.  I feel almost all of these emotions at some point on a daily basis.

The truth is, that if I focus on me and all that is wrong or difficult in my life, I am miserable.

When I’m able to take a step back to see all that is good in my life, it takes a load off.  It’s amazing how gratitude works that way.  That one small shift, even if it’s moment by moment, makes a huge difference.

It’s exactly what we mean when we talk about “replacing the noise”.

It takes us from judgement and frustration to contentment and peace.  

So today, as you step out into your world, whether it’s your kitchen, the gym, the office or the airport, be mindful of the gifts in your life.

Even if you have some serious struggles, you also have gifts.

Start right now.  In your mind, name 3 things you can be thankful for.

I’ll go first:

1. A never-ending supply of clean water (as I gulp down my Ozarka)

2. My healthy family

3.  A working computer and internet connection

There.  That was easy.  Clearly, I have much, much more to be thankful for, but even thinking about those 3 things just shifted the rush I was in a few minutes ago.

Your turn.

Name your 3 things.  Go!

To hearing a little more love today,


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