Easy isn’t worth it

Joy in the journeyWe traveled home from a spring break trip yesterday.  

When I was putting the boys to sleep last night one of them was talking about teleporting.  (Yes, this is normal conversation with boys.) He was saying how nice it would be if you could teleport where you want to go instead of having to travel.

He was talking about how hard and tiring it is to get from place to place. Like having to wait in line for the lift and then take it up the mountain.  Like all the hassle and lines of trying to get through the airport and the long flight home on the plane.

(first world problems, right?)

He wished you could just teleport to the top of the mountain and all your gear would be instantly be on.  You could just ski down and teleport back up again.   You’d get to enjoy all the good stuff and not have to deal with all the tough stuff. 

He talked about how nice it would be, to teleport back to your own bed at the end of the trip. You’d already be in your jammies ready to go to sleep.  You wouldn’t even have to see the airport with all those crazy lines or ride on the long, full flight in the middle of the night.

I laughed and agreed. That would be so nice.

Then I caught myself.  

Sweetheart, that’s true.  That would be easier.  But I want to you remember something.  

The joy is in the journey.

We make memories while we’re waiting. 

Remember the fun talks we had on the lifts?  Learning about runs, laughing while we watched skiers, and talking about plans for the next run? Wondering who lives in those houses and talking about whether we’d want to live there or not?  

Remember the fun we had trying new foods at the airport?

Remember holding hands on takeoff and looking out in amazement as we began flying over the earth?  What about looking down at the mountains and the sunset, talking about the trip and laughing at each other’s jokes?


Those are some of the best moments.  The ones we’ll always remember.   I hope you’ll remember that it’s the traveling, the hard parts, of our lives that can bring us the most joy.  

Sometimes easy isn’t worth it.

When I got up to leave his room, I realized I was really needing to hear that myself.   Even with this terrible crick in my neck and a sore, exhausted body, I needed the reminder probably more than he did.

Sometimes easy isn’t worth it.  

Whatever road you’re traveling today, maybe you need to hear it too.

There’s joy in the journey you’re on.

You just have to look for it.

To more love,


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