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Libba Tullos Young Adults | HeartStories

When you don’t know where to go, sometimes you just have to keep walking.

Sure, you might not end up where you planned, but you won’t be stuck where you were. So many times its about listening to the truth inside your heart and spirit then taking the next step.

My friend Libba has been leading young adults as kind of a side hobby, while she’s grown her chops in the area of leadership development. She announced today that she’s now fully embracing that role as a career.  It’s scary and exhilarating at the same time.

AND she knows, it’s exactly where she’s supposed to be, in this moment. 

There are moments in all of our lives when we have the chance to choose, right or left, and we hear the tiny voice inside nudging us to go in a certain direction.

If you listen, you hear a voice saying, “This way.”

What’s interesting is, it’s usually not the way you expected to go. It’s usually not the path with the bushes trimmed and flowering vine hanging over. No, it’s usually the path that needs you most.

It’s needs your attention, your talent, and your heart. 

In fact, it’s usually the path filled with people, individual people, who need you, exactly as you are. Your experience may not seem like it’s been preparing you for this path, but oh, how it has.

You’re exactly who you need to be for this path. Right now. 

Trust that.

You’ve got this.

We need you.

To more love,


Libba Tullos Announcement at Hope Fellowship

The announcement and blessing!


  1. Yay Libba! So excited to see how God uses you in this role! Your story is such a perfect example of patient endurance!

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