What you are afraid to do

What you're afraid to do ~ Crystal Gornto | Heartstories

I’ve done a few things this week that I was a little afraid to do.  I made a completely cold, in person, sales call to a potential GNO event sponsor.  I sent out a survey to the local ladies in the HeartStories community, asking for honest feedback about what I’ve been creating.  (would still love your feedback if you haven’t shared it already, btw)  I’ve written a blog or two when I felt like I didn’t have the words to say. . . and a couple of other things that aren’t totally mine to share.  Those things may not seem scary to you.

That’s okay, they’re mine to dance with.  

I know you could probably send me a list right this second of things you’re afraid to do.  (In fact, please do!  Sharing them out loud always makes them less scary.)  We all have fears.  Whether they feel like big leaps or baby steps, we’re all confronted with things that make us uneasy.

Things that lurk ahead, awaiting our response.

There’s so much talk about ‘facing’ fear, but I’ve learned (from Seth Godin & others) that it’s better to learn to dance with it, than it is to try to ‘face off’ with it.  The fear will always be there.  Lurking around every corner, there is something with the potential to scare you.  Something you’ll want to protect yourself from.

Something that will keep you in hiding.

The second you decide to do the thing that scares you anyway, you can begin to learn to dance with it.  Even if it’s dark and you can’t see a darn thing, you can stick your hands out to feel your way around.  You can breathe deeply and notice the scent in the air.  You can gain new information that will guide you the next time you encounter that fear.

Sure, it might hurt a little.  

But when you finish and you look around, you’ll realize you didn’t die.  You’ll know what tools will be helpful next time.  You’ll have the wisdom to understand more about the experience.

You will remember that part of the dance.

You’ll have a little more courage to do what you are afraid to do.

We need you to do it, today.  

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  1. Love this friend! Love you!

    1. Thanks T! Love you too!

    2. Thank you T! I love you too!!

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