From darkness to light

darkness to light - Crystal Gornto, HeartStories

The light in my closet has been out for over a month.  The first few days, I was just lazy and didn’t go get the ladder to switch out the bulbs.  Finally, after a week of trying to get dressed in the dark, I got the ladder and bulbs, climbed up and changed them.

After the bulbs were changed, I flipped the switch and . . . nothing.  Still darkness.

All that time I thought it was just a matter of me getting my hiney in gear and changing those bulbs, when it was really a bigger issue.

I made time for the ladder, but (I told myself) I didn’t have time to coordinate with an electrician to come fix it before the big Fashioned for Freedom event.  So in my mind, it was just going to have to wait.  Then one day, my husband sent me a text to let me know he’d scheduled an electrician to come out, the day after the event, to fix my closet light.  Sure enough, he showed up and within 15 minutes, he’d replaced the fixture with a newer, brighter system and was on his way.

I spent weeks dealing with the darkness, when I could have easily had a brand new, bright light.  

In fact, I was so accustomed to feeling my way through the darkness, that several times over the weekend I caught myself in the dark, feeling for clothes or shoes before remembering that all I had to do was flip the switch and voila! I could see.

I wonder how many times in our lives we are used to dealing with a situation the way it is. We have ourselves convinced it’s going to be too much work to fix it, so we deal with it and adjust our lives around it.  We create patterns of behavior that we keep practicing, even after the situation changes.

We stumble around, feeling for our way, when the darkness could easily be made light.

Think about your life today.

Is there an area you keep stumbling around, completely resigned to the darkness?  

Is it a relationship you think will never get better?  Is it a job you think you just have to deal with, at least for now?  Maybe it’s a financial situation that has you feeling stuck in the darkness.

Wherever you’re feeling stuck in darkness today, I’m here to encourage you to call the electrician.  😉

Seriously.  Don’t wait, like I did.  Make the call to someone who can help you.  It could save weeks, or maybe even years, of frustration.

It might not be a simple fix for you.  Maybe you’ve been in the darkness for a really long time. I get it.  I really do.

But it’s never going to change if you are resigned to living in the dark.

Make the call.

It’s worth it.  

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