The mother of knowledge

Experience is the mother of knowledge. Miguel de Cervantes, HeartStories

Last night, the boys and I were tucked under the warm covers in bed reading A Wrinkle In Time.  (Isn’t it amazing how kid’s books can speak to you!) Right there in the middle of a chapter about this new and unusual type of time travel, this quote jumped off the page at me.  Straight from the mouth of Mrs. Who.  First in Spanish, then in English.

La experiencia es la madre de ciencia.  Experience is the mother of knowledge.

I’m a mother.  I birthed two great kids into this world.  I love and appreciate that it’s my role to teach them, to allow them to have experiences that teach them.

I don’t expect them to get things right the first time.

I can talk at them all day with “wisdom”, but I’ve learned that letting them have safe, though painful, stumbles is the very best way for them to learn.  I love them enough to make space for all those experiences.

Experiences really do birth wisdom.  

Then why is it so hard to let myself have experiences that teach me?  Why do I sometimes expect myself to know and do everything right the first time around, especially when I know there are things we learn best by experience?

Because I don’t like to fail.

I want to get it right.  I want to help everyone.  I want to please everyone and make everyone happy.

What’s ironic is that without learning through experience, I probably can’t help very many people at all.  It’s our experiences, our stories, that connect us to one another.  They give us understanding and empathy. Each experience is a gift.

Our experiences shape and form our lives.

What if we could start to see everything we experience as a loving mother whose purpose is to allow us to become all we are meant to be?

It would change our perspective.

Think about that as you move through your life and experiences today.  Think of each experience as a loving mother guiding you, shaping your heart for what you’re meant to become.

I know I’m going to.

to more love,


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