Friday HeartBeats: The Strokes

Music is one of the greatest ways to replace the noise. It is a powerful tool to use when you need to uplift your mood and spirits. Even the saddest songs can make us feel better, maybe because they remind us that we are not alone. You never know who else can connect with a song you love, so let’s share. A beautifully somber song by The Strokes makes my heart beat, so I’ll tell you a little bit about it.

Song: “I’ll Try Anything Once”

Artist: The Strokes

Year: 2006

Genre: Indie Soft Rock

How I found it: The song played  during a beautiful scene in Sofia Coppola’s 2010 film “Somewhere” and I instantly fell in love with it.

This song makes me feel: This song sounds like a sad longing, but somehow makes me feel so blissful.

Favorite Part: My favorite part would have to be the lyrics: “Why not try it all, if you only remember it once.” What’s your interpretation of these lyrics?

Other associations (images, colors):  I associate this song with the visual images that play in the movie when the song comes on: a lost father and his daughter bonding poolside on a hot summer day. Because Coppola did such a wonderful job matching the music to the picture, the images and textures of the movie stay relevant to me when I listen to the song today.

Song Fact: This song was a rough demo for what eventually turned into The Strokes’ hit song “You Only Live Once” which explains the calm and simple tones. Personally, I prefer this untouched, honest version to its final version. You can hear the final version of this song on our new Spotify playlist linked below.

YouTube HeartBeats Playlist:  

Spotify HeartBeats Playlist (this is the final version of the song):

If you give this song a listen, please share your thoughts and interpretation.

What song makes YOUR heartbeat? If you are interested in sharing, please email us and your song can be featured on next week’s HeartBeats post! Let’s spread the beautiful beats!


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