Real Change

Let me paint you a picture: Imagine me, in the middle of 2013, sitting on the phone with my business coach. I broke down — like a baby (you know…the ugly cry.) I was wondering what happened to the past few months of my life. On the outside I was doing everything right, successful biz, amazing hubby and adorably crazy kids, but I came to the realization that yes — I had an amazing life, I just wasn’t living it. 


I won’t go into all of the sad details of me sitting on the couch with my laptop glued to my legs and my kids demanding attention that I just wasn’t giving them.  I think you get the picture. It sucked. 

So if that aha wasn’t big enough, I also ran across the book ‘Hands Free Mama’It changed my world. It gave me a clear picture of what my kids saw as I checked my phone for updates at the stoplight, talked to friends on the way home while trying to shush them in the back seat and the priority I had by having my phone tucked into my back pocket as I walked around the house… just in case. Just in case I missed something from some random friend on Facebook?

Now I wasn’t about to sit in guilt. No regrets, just real change. 
My laptop rarely comes home from the office, my phone sits on the counter and when my kids are awake my focus is on them. True focus. Not the delayed kind.
Of course there are always exceptions but my intentions changed and so did my priorities. I am truly living the life my husband and I have created together.

Tena Pettis HeadshotTena Pettis is a social media expert and accomplished speaker + trainer on all things social. She founded tena.cious, a social media management + design firm in the Twin Cities area. She’s known for building connections both online and off, and is a strong advocate of customer focused, loyalty and relationship based sales. Tena believes in creating a strong brand presence for your business.


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