The Journey of Friendship

friends footprintsAs a college student away from home and the friends I grew up with, I have learned a lot about what it takes to maintain a true relationship with someone. And it isn’t easy.

Growing up in the same town, with the same friends, I never thought anything would change. From a young age my best friends and I planned our weddings (a.k.a fought over who would get the purple themed wedding), giggled as we texted boys and pigged out on the baked goods we made.

These friendships were key to shaping the person I am today. However, as we went on our separate ways to being a new chapter of our life we learned that our shared experiences growing up weren’t enough to maintain the friendship.

Friendship requires two people who are willing to put in the effort to show the other that they care. College can put a strain on this relationship. You join clubs, sororities, meet people in the dorms and grow as an individual.


College is the time you grow as a person and find truth in life and your beliefs. At times this can be daunting, so you bond with those around you experiencing similar struggles. This can mean your friendships from home (in my case) fade because neither has the time or energy to put into the relationship.

When this happens, it can be startling. The friend that you used to see every day hasn’t spoken to you in two weeks. She doesn’t know about your new boyfriend or that you changed your major. Sometimes they fade.

This is nature of moving, growing and adapting. I have accepted that my childhood best friend is no longer the person I am closest with. This no longer brings me sadness, for I am happy we have both found our places in the world.


The struggle to maintain that friendship brought me new friendships that I would not trade the world for. Late night baking and wedding planning has been traded for 2 A.M. Whataburger runs, late night library study parties and random trips to the city (we still giggle when we text boys).

Friendship is not an easy road, but it is not a road you take alone.


Friends are there to cry with, laugh with and be weird with. HeartStories recognizes the importance of friendship and is beginning a journey to showcase how friendships can truly change our lives.

As the leaves begin to turn warm colors, the temperature begins to cool and football season kicks off, HeartStories is kicking off a focus on friendships.   We’ll be sharing stories of joy and pain on the journey of friendship.  And we’d love to hear yours.  Please share in the comments below.

Or if you’d like to share a post about how friendship that has changed your life, please connect with us at connect@heartstories.    We’d love to hear from you!




10292531_10202733239824833_5600847747096743221_n (1)My name is Samantha Mori and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am currently working towards a double major in Multimedia Journalism and Spanish at Oklahoma State University. I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, a wonderful sisterhood that has brought me lifelong friends. Puppies are my weakness and I spend far too much time crafting. I have a passion for traveling and writing.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” -Confucius


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