Finding your way

We place a pretty high value on exploration in this family.  I guess in part, it comes from my childhood days of exploring in the trees behind my first house.  Then the culverts and drainage ditches behind the second.  I have this constant yearning to see what’s “out there”, to discover something interesting, to get lost and find my way again.  And probably honestly, just to get mud on my boots.

I remember this particular day like it was yesterday.

It was one of our first explorations to find a creek, armed with a smart phone, following a blue dot, on a Google map.  We weren’t dressed for exploration.  We’d stopped to look at an empty house.  We knew the creek was back there behind the trees, but the map helped us score this view, right at the bend, without even getting into the thick of it.  We took this photo to show Scott the victory of our exploration.

Looking back now, I realize the best part of the exploration isn’t the long-awaited discovery. 

The best part is most often not, the thing you think you’re trying to find.  It’s not the creek “out there” behind the boys.  It’s the people right here, in front of you.  It’s the journey, the experiences, the working together, the memories, the getting lost, and the not-knowing what’s next.  It’s what you discover about yourself and each other along the way.

The real value is in the exploration itself.  

The exploration is where you discover who you are, and who you’re meant to be.  Just like “straight roads don’t make skillful drivers” (Paulo Coelho), calm seas don’t make expert captains, and Google maps don’t make seasoned explorers.

The best discovery of all is learning that you’re capable of finding your way.  

So if you’re not quite “there” yet, be encouraged today.

You are finding your way.

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