Courage & connection, the only way we’re going to make it

(image: Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune)

We’re not a big TV watching family at all, but during the Olympic games we look like a family of couch potatoes.  We’re glued to the TV for the one hour before bedtime, and every extra minute the boys can manipulate after that.  The hard work, dedication, and beautiful competition displayed by the Olympic athletes from around the world is such an incredible inspiration.  The boys just think it’s a fun family tradition.

But I know it’s teaching them such valuable lessons.

The courage of these athletes astounds me.  Their innovative routines, speed, tricks, jumps, spins, and insane risks make them vulnerable to experience such huge failure with the eyes of the watching world fixed on them.  Listening to their stories of lifetimes of injuries, rehab and endless training all to get to this moment is awe-inspiring, in and of itself.  Then add to that, the intense competition and camaraderie and I’m dead.

I cry like a baby, whether they win or lose. 

I can’t help it.  When they nail their incredible feats and win, I cry tears of joy and happiness over all that hard work and effort paying off.  When they fall, mess up, or come in a portion of a second behind, the tears flood my eyes for the pain of all the endless of hours of exertion seemingly lost, without cause.  In that moment, win or lose, it feels like we’re privy to some of the most intimate moments of these athlete’s lives.

This moment is one of my favorites of the year.

In the final run of the women’s halfpipe skiing event when American, Annalisa Drew has finished in third place, bronze medal in her reach.  She waits at the bottom of the pipe, watching her teammate Brita Sigourney, wow the world with a killer run.  At the bottom, they stand side by side in the silent moments awaiting the final score.  When Brita’s score comes in beating Annalisa’s, to take the bronze, there was no pause.  Annalisa wraps Brita in a giant, heartfelt hug while the whole world watches.

It was sportsmanship at it’s very finest.  

It was also a beautiful picture, of the courage and vulnerability required of all of us, if we’re looking for meaning and connection.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. . .

Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” ~ Brené Brown

This kind of courage, vulnerability, and connection is the only way we’re going to make it as a country, as families and as individuals.  It doesn’t happen without intention.  It doesn’t happen without practice.

It doesn’t happen without failure.

But it’s worth it. Every single time.

Where are you longing for more meaning and connection in your life? 

It starts with the courage and vulnerability to show up and be seen.

Start small if you must. 

But start today.

to more love,


(GNO is a great *& FUN* place to practice showing up for yourself & your besties.  Join us next week!)

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