Rejoice over the roses

Just a heads up, if you see a strange woman in your yard, with a twitch in her eye, taking pictures of your shrubs. . . carry on.  It won’t take me long.  I’ll be in your neighbor’s yard soon enough.

This is simply what my weekends have been reduced to.  

The process of building a home has been nothing short of all-consuming for me at times.  I want to enjoy the process, I really do.  It’s such a privilege and a blessing, but it’s also just. so. much.  There are so many decisions.

Things I’ve never pondered in my life, have now surfaced as “do or die” verdicts. 

This weekend, it was the listing appointment for our current home, a walk-through of the new home and trying to finalize landscape choices.  It may not sound like much, and we’re not even doing very much with the landscaping, but seriously.  How should we space the hedge plants?  How often should we rotate the Gray Santolina with the Green Santolina?  Should we mix in a little Red Skullcap every so often? Should that Pink Muhly grass go in the front or on the side? What about the pots? Should they be 20″ or 35″?  Natural or graphite?

I just can’t. 

All the trivial things.  They don’t matter.  Could someone else just choose already!  There are so many things and sincerely, this is not my jam.  I’m having nightmares about shrubs, grass and chopped leuders.  Isn’t it fitting that I woke up to this quote this morning?

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”  Abraham Lincoln

Leave it to good old Abe to remind me to rejoice over the roses.

He’s reminding you too. 

You can make it about the thorns.  Or you can choose to rejoice over the roses.

Your perspective is always your choice.  

What roses can you choose to rejoice over today?

to more love,


(March Made Simple GNO next Thursday is all about shifting perspective.  It’s about seeing the why behind all the things you’re doing and choosing priorities to match.  Come for the clarity or come for the cookies.  Just come.  You’ll end up with both.)

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