Fake it or make it

Fake it or make it  Heartstories don't fake it until you make it

I hear a lot of people say “Fake it until you make it“.  I realize some days there’s a fine line between keeping your chin up to take the next step and crumbling in a heap of tears on the floor.   There’s also a difference in showing up professionally for those who look to you for leadership and being completely authentic with the people you trust for friendship.

It’s just that with the pace and the intensity of the world we live in, faking it can end up leading to shame and confusion about who you really are.  If you’re busy faking it all the time, you might not be spending the time to reflect and develop the areas you’d really like to grow and become.

It can be really hard to keep it all straight.

What we end up doing when we get confused about the right time to fake it and the right time to be ourselves?  We turn inward and hide.  Which brings about shame and discontentment.

Henry David Thoreau had it right when he said,  The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. 

Sadly, I think that’s still true.  We hide our fears, our struggles and especially our desperation, in an effort to look like we’re making it, when all along it’s connection that we crave.

Connection can’t happen when you’re faking it.

If you feel like you lack real connection in your life.  Take a minute to think about how often you’re pretending that everything is coming up roses, when inside you’re feeling unsure.  I encourage you to try answering honestly when a trusted friend asks how you’re doing.

Being known, truly known can be uncomfortable, but in the long run it brings connection.

Real connection is the fabric of life.

Don’t let yourself live a life of quiet desperation.  Choose connection.

You can fake it or you can make it.  

It’s entirely up to you.

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