Will that someone be you?

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I woke up this morning with a heavy heart for a friend.

That’s an unusual occurrence for me.  I thought, I should text her and tell her I’m thinking of her.  Then, No.  That would be totally weird.  We haven’t talked in months.  

I checked her Instagram feed.  Everything seemed fine.  (ha.)  But I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I sent her a text, right then.

Then I sat down to write my blog and she’s all I could think about.

I won’t humiliate her by writing about her this morning. 😉 But it brings to mind the thought that there are little things, little thoughts, that come into our minds, probably everyday.  Thoughts of things we feel like we should do, people we feel like we should reach out to, and most often we just let them pass without any action.

We so easily dismiss those tiny calls to care, with rationalizations.

What if we didn’t?

What if every time you thought of a friend out of the blue, for no apparent reason, you sent her a text?  What if you called him on the phone?

What if I did?

What if we simply let another human being know we care and invite them into a conversation about their life with no expectations for their response?

I don’t know what would happen, but I know it would change us.  It would change them.

This world is full of people, with long lists of friends on Facebook, who just need to be reminded today that someone really cares.

Will that someone be you?

to more love,


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