Nothing is wasted

It’s officially Fry-YAY and this one is already making his mark.  While we were finishing up dinner last night, he went outside the kitchen window, grabbed a water hose and proceeded to put on a show.  With music blaring, he did all sorts of ridiculous walks, that turned into wild dances.  He wildly danced up and down, and side to side, for a good five minutes of riveting entertainment.  It was no surprise that by the time he finished, both he and my window, had finished their evening “shower”.

We laughed hysterically from the dinner table at the vivid reminder, that there is no question, he is my son. 

While that particular reminder is fun and humorous, it carries a little weight as well.  I remember all the crazy things I did.  I’m all too aware of the challenges I faced.  I’ve learned a lot about what it’s like to live with me, over the years.  I’ve also recently learned more about what it’s like to work with me.

At the end of the day, it’s a blessing for us both.

Because I get him.  I meet his joy on a deep, childlike level.  I can call his bluff.  And in the same breath, I can feel his pain.  Because I’ve devoted countless hours to self-development and growth, through therapy, coaching, mentorship and most importantly, learning from my mistakes, I can see a hope for his bright future that others sometimes miss.  That’s when I realize, none of my “mistakes” where wasted.  They were all useful.

Just when you think the trial you’re going through can’t possibly be useful, remember this:

Nothing is wasted.

Not one single trial.  Not one single moment of joy.  Not one tear rolling down your cheek.  Not one hair-brained idea.  Not one sleepless night.

None of it is wasted. 

Last night I read this quote from Margie Warrell (whom I adore) and it hit me right in the gut.  I hope it impacts you too.

“Take ownership of what is not working in your own life.  Refuse to lay blame on others to succumb to resentment, victim-hood, hopelessness or despair.  Own the power you have to decide how you will experience life and trust that wherever you are right now, is exactly where you are supposed to be to learn, to grow and expand into the fullness of the person you have within you to be.”

Whatever you’re going through today is part of your becoming.  

You may not understand how, but you can take ownership of it anyway.

You can decide today, that none of it will be wasted.

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