Difficult and optional

It seems impossible that summer is almost over.  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were hosting end of the year pool parties?!

My not-so-little babies aren’t super stoked about this.  

They’ve enjoyed this summer so much and they are both a little bit nervous about the level of academic difficulty and strenuous schedule of the upcoming school year.   They’ve missed their friends and can’t wait to get back to seeing them again every day. But when they weigh that against the pressure of the hard work, they end up looking for every reason in the book that they need to skip this entire year of school.  They’d much rather become beach bums and skim board all day long.  (I’m empathetic, promise.)  

But it’s become laughable.  

We’ve started making jokes about all the things they could, and could not do, in life with a 3rd or 4th grade education.  When that doesn’t seem to matter, I’ve had to dig deep into the wells of empathy, inspiration and encouragement.  I’m recounting all the hard things they’ve succeeded at in the past.  I’m reminding them that they are boys who can do hard things.  And that hard things usually turn out to be the best things.

Avoiding the difficult things, just because they’re hard, will only lead to mediocrity.

And mediocrity isn’t what you’re going for.  Showing up and working hard, even when you’re trembling, will always make you better.  It won’t likely be easier.  But it will be worth it, if you decide to learn from it, no matter the outcome.  Luckily for kids – school isn’t optional.

But once we become adults, so many things are optional.  

Pursue your passion, even though you don’t know how it will turn out?  Take that course on the side?  Join the committee, even though you’re not sure about those ladies?  Ask the new mom to meet you for coffee? Go for that promotion that you’ve always wanted, you know, the one you feel unqualified for.  Invite your neighbors over for dinner?  Start that new business? Try a new church?  Go to that unconventional Girls Night Out?

All optional.  

Mostly unknown, scary and hard.

“Don’t miss out on something that could be great, just because it could also be difficult.” ~ unknown

Just because you can skip it, doesn’t mean you should.

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