It’s only a mirage

It’s the end of summer in Texas and it can certainly feel as hot as the desert, making you wish for the cooler temperatures of fall.

Isn’t it funny how during the last week of school, moms and kids everywhere are dreaming of the lazy days of summer, with the more relaxed schedule and less responsibility? Then once August rolls around, the tables turn?   Mamas everywhere are now dreaming of the freedom of the structure and schedule the school days provide.  We’re counting down the days until we take those front porch pics, memorializing the beginning of another year and send our precious cargo off to start another year.

Slow down. . . speed up.

It’s human nature to wish for what you don’t have.  It’s natural to go faster, faster, faster and then dream of slow.  Only to finally get a chance to slow down and find yourself missing the fast pace.  It’s how you’re wired to see things that seem so much better off in the distance, and work hard to get there.  Then to arrive to find out, it was only a mirage, and you missed what was right in front of you on the journey.

“There’s no division between the painful going and the joyous arriving. If we let it, the going can be the joyful part.  It turns out that arrival isn’t the point, it can’t be, because we spend all our time on the journey.”   ~Seth Godin

It looks like water and it might be, or it might not.  The only difference is you have water in your pack.  You have the ability to find joy in the journey today.  You have all the power to enjoy the journey no matter what direction you’re heading in.

That water in the distance? 

It’s a mirage.  It will most certainly look different when you arrive.  The best water is right in front of you.  It’s the joy on the journey.

You just have to choose to look for it with all your heart.

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