Dance with Grandma

It’s not often you get to dance until your face and hair is wet with sweat, together with your Grandma and kids.  But we got a chance to do that at my niece’s wedding earlier this month.  Well, Grandma didn’t exactly dance, but she was there with us cheering us all on.

This is Jewell, my Grandma Hyde. 

She’s my mother’s mom and my last living grandparent.  She lives in Missouri, so we don’t get to see her very often.  But I have many memories with her over all the years.  When I was in college, she lived in South Carolina and was my nearest relative.  Kim and I would drive to her house for breaks like Easter or spring break, when it was too far to drive home.  Grandma would always have her famous deviled eggs ready for us and all the other good and salty things.  (Grandpa bought the Breyer’s ice cream!)

We always looked forward to those trips! 

We’d play dominoes until the wee hours of the night on her glass top kitchen table.  We’d birdwatch out the window, and she could name every one.  Grandpa would play his electric guitar and we would all sit around and sing along.  One year during Thanksgiving break, Grandma taught me how to properly wrap a Christmas gift and I think of her to this day, while I fold all the edges down neatly. She took us to her church on Sundays and introduced us to every. single. person.  She always made us feel so special at her house.

It was our little home, away from home for those short four years. 

Being on the dance floor with Grandma, was a gift to all of us this year.  She traveled a long way, by herself, in quite a bit of pain, to be there for Rebecca.  I know she’ll do it more often if she could.  But the reality of time and distance makes dancing with Grandma a rare and special gift.

I don’t know who you’ll get to dance with this coming week.  

But I’m guessing there are some rare and precious gifts awaiting.

Treasure them.  

You’re not promised another dance.

to more love,


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