Don’t get all wrapped up

Yesterday our little Scout Elf appeared tucked into a wreath, completely wrapped in a long thin piece of festive wrapping paper.   He had only enough room to peek out the holes, but not moved his arms or his legs.  Oakley had all sorts of questions for Santa on that one.  Questions like, “Does Cole usually help wrap the gifts?  Did you know he got stuck?  Did he do that all by himself?”  When we wrapped him up, we thought it was funny, no big deal, but to his young mind, it was perplexing to see a very capable elf end up trapped in wrapping paper.

It turned out to be a great visual reminder. 

It made me ponder how many times in my own life I start with a simple intent like buying or wrapping a gift, planning a party, cleaning the house (this one’s a real problem) or even just cooking dinner, but I get caught up in the details.  I get such a myopic focus on making everything just exactly right, that neglect caring for the people I love, who are right before my eyes.  I trap myself instead of freeing the gift I’m trying so hard to give.

I’m guessing you’ve found yourself wrapped up a time to two this year as well. 

Let our little scout elf be a reminder to you too.  It’s not about the perfect wrapping.  It’s not about the bountiful (& equal) number of gifts.  It’s not about the pristinely clean and flawlessly decorated home.  It’s not about the savory delicious meal.   Those are all lovely parts of the season, but they can be a trap.

This week, keep reminding yourself of the reason you are celebrating this beautiful season with the people you love. 

Don’t let yourself get all wrapped up in the details.

Keep your hands and arms free to worship and love.  

to more love,


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