The ripples are endless

One day after lunch, I was walking behind my good friend Holly and her daughter Peyton when suddenly I realized they looked like sisters, or friends.  They were no longer obviously mother and daughter from behind.  Holly was the first friend who welcomed me in from “Scott’s circle” when we met.  So I remember clearly her pregnancy and decorating Peyton’s nursery.

How can it be, that in an instant, she’s become a grown woman walking beside her mom? 

There’s something about the holidays that makes us stop and reminisce on all the changes that have taken place since last year.  It’s like they place a marker in the sand by which we can measure and compare the years.   In these years when we see our children are becoming little adults right before our eyes, are some of the most breathtaking moments of them all.

But there is breath to be taken. 

It’s in moments like this I realize how much hope there is for this broken and hurting world.  When people like my friend Holly are raising beautiful humans to value humanity, embrace imperfection, and have the courage to love boldly, it reminds me that we’re all going to be alright.  When the grown ups know who they want their kids to become, and are working hard to be that person themselves, it will inevitably change the world, for good.

Imagine who you want your kids to become, be that. 

Imagine who you want your spouse to become, be that.

Imagine who you want your boss to be, be that.

Imagine who you want your friends to be, be that.

The ripples are endless. 

It starts with you.

to more love,


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