Contagious Hope

My friend Quynh Chau called me up randomly several weeks ago, asking if I would attend a dinner event with her.  She explained that it was a watch party for the “Women That Soar” awards show and she wanted me to come meet some of her friends.  If there’s one thing I know about Q.C., it’s that she has a lot of friends.  But they’re not just casual acquaintances, to Q.C., they are dearly beloved friends.  She cares so deeply about supporting each of her friends to reach even beyond our goals, to our full potential.  She sees a vision of our future that’s usually much bigger than the one we can see for ourselves. I know this, because sometimes I hardly even recognize the women she talks about, when she talks about me and my work.

She is a true visionary who makes things happen because of the way she believes in people.  

The morning of this event, Quynh Chau called me again.  She wanted to get the full update and talk about how we could support each other’s work, since we probably wouldn’t get one-on-one time during the event.  We talked about all the growth we’re experiencing with the HeartStories GNO and how she could help.  We talked about her upcoming The Source of Hope 6th Anniversary Gala and how I can support her in that incredible celebration of ALL the amazing good she does through that organization.  Even though I wasn’t expecting her call, and really didn’t think I had the time to squeeze in a conversation, I hung up that phone feeling encouraged, inspired and seen.

Not only does Q.C. believe in people, she lives to serve.  

If you know her story you can begin to understand.  I’ve told it on this blog before so I won’t share the full story here again, but in summary, Q.C.’s journey includes building an empire of wealth in the beauty industry, losing it all, and finding herself in homelessness in the middle of the “high society” where she once flourished.  She flew high and then fell to the depths of despair.  It was there, that she found her passion to “serve hope”.  That dark, impossible place set a fire ablaze in her heart to bring the light of hope to all people, especially those who are experiencing homelessness.

“When people see us now, they don’t see all the struggle that made us. They only see the success. We had it all and lost it all.  That’s why we want to share God’s love.  It’s why we want to treat all people with dignity.”

The countless lives Q.C has inspired with her spirit of serving up hope to everyone around her.  Even at that one event, I heard story after story, of women Q.C. inspired to get out of their comfort zones, stop thinking of only themselves, and serve even more people than they could have dreamed.  And she won’t take one ounce of the credit.  She points to God and the army of people around her, who also live to serve because of her leadership.

That kind of hope is contagious.  

Today, may Quynh Chau’s story be a reminder that the flicker of hope that is found in your darkest places, can become the brightest beacon to the world around you.  Whatever you’re going through in this season, is part of your becoming.  Don’t give up now.

Keep going.  

Let this season be the one that fills you with the kind of hope that can only be cultivated when you walk through the hardest times and come out on the other side with the light to show others the way.

There’s someone who needs to hear your story of contagious hope.

to more love,


p.s.  This kind of hope is exactly what you’ll cultivate with your people in two weeks at our “Gather ‘Round GNO” ~ a lazy susan workshop you can gather your people around.  Join us!


  1. The Source of Hope is a gem in the community, just like QC! She is an amazingly strong, kindhearted and collaborative servant-leader and really inspires us to be a blessing to others on a daily basis. Loved your post that captures her spirit and we’ll be supporting her and the wonderful work of The Source of Hope at the gala in April!

    1. Yes! I couldn’t agree more Irum! She is ALL of those things and TSOH is such a gem in our community! So grateful!

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