Most people don’t need a hero

We were out in the street in front of our house the other day when our neighbor came out on his front porch.  (Poor guy, he can’t even open the front door in peace.)  We said hello and he explained that he was checking his  “bunny box”.  So of course, we all descended on the porch to see what in the world he was talking about.  Apparently a mama bunny thought his front porch was a safe place to leave her littles, so he built them a little box house, complete with water and carrots in hopes to lure them in so he could take them out to the woods.  He was just coming out to see if they’d gone inside the box yet.

If you know me at all, baby animals are my heart.

Spring is the time of year I have to keep my eyes straight ahead.  I can’t look at the ground under bird’s nests, inside the sewer grates on the street, or even in the green plastic builder’s netting on the grass.  If I do, I will end up spending hours rescuing some poor animal, who is inevitably participating in circle of life.  In this case, it was already too late, I couldn’t look away.  There was only one baby bunny left, hiding it’s nose in the corner of the porch, not interested in the box.

It was obviously time for gloves and google.

Google told us if it’s eyes were open, it was covered in fur and at least four inches long, it was able to fend for itself in the wild.  This baby passed the test, so she just needed a “Lyft” over to the woods.  Because we have loads of coyotes, we decided to carry the box over and hide it in the brush.  We cuddled her a little, put her safely inside the box, (that had a lovely front door cut in the side) and said goodnight.  The next day the box was empty.  There was no evidence of a struggle, just an empty box.

We did our part. 

Of course, I can’t stop thinking about how she might have been dinner for a coyote shortly after.  But you never know! I have to rest in knowing she wouldn’t have survived on our neighbors brick porch either.  Hopefully we gave her one more good safe night of rest before the rest of her adventure of life began.

The same applies to the rest of the cycle of life.

We can’t always rescue people.  In fact sometimes a “rescue” does more harm than good.  Sometimes the best thing we can do when we see our spouse, child, friend, coworker or even a stranger in need, is to be a safe place for them in the moment.  Let them know they’re not alone in this fight, that there are people who care.  Give them a little encouragement and then let them decide what to do next.

If you feel drawn to be a rescuer this weekend, think again. 

Consider being a safe, encouraging place to rest instead of trying to be the hero.

Most people don’t need a hero.  

They just need a friend.

to more love,


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