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As we’ve been planning for our Surprise Spa Birthday Party GNO, I’ve been on extra high alert for likeminded partners in the Dallas area who are fully committed to supporting women living the stories of their hearts.  Enter:  The Source Of Hope.  The two beauties pictured above are a mother-daughter duo who are living out their mission of providing hope and empowering individuals in need.

Meet Nicole & Quynh Chau Stone (also known as Q.C. for short).

What makes them especially unique is that they’re doing providing that kind of hope through the beauty industry! Theirs is an incredible story of what it looks like to keep doing the next right thing, even when life throws “surprises” your way.

It all started over 20 years ago.  

Q.C. bought a French beauty products manufacturing company in Paris. Ran it for 16 years with much huge financial success.  They had it all.  Then through some export changes in Canada where they banned certain products, they ended up losing everything.

They were left basically homeless in Plano.

During that time, Nicole had a brain tumor and things became incredibly difficult.  But they just kept going day by day.  They kept believing that God would use that journey to teach them to become better leaders.  Seven years ago Q.C. decided to start again.  They began to revamp and build back what they lost.  Now that they’ve built it all back and they give 90% of it away instead of the 10%  they used to give.

“When people see us now, they don’t see all the struggle that made us. They only see the success. We had it all and lost it all.  That’s why we want to share God’s love.  It’s why we want to treat all people with dignity.”

Through all of this, they began their 501(c)(3) organization, The Source of Hope that empowers low income cosmetology students by providing assistance through educational programs, grants, and scholarships. In addition, they provide hope to our local community with free or reduced cosmetic services and various social outreach programs.  Additionally, their mission is helping these low-income individuals with food, housing, clothing, job placement, gas and college scholarships.

“Everything we do is about serving through the beauty industry, because that’s our area of expertise.”They have 4 main programs:

1. Beauty of Education – Teaches and educates cosmetology students regardless of their background.

2. Beauty of Hope

  •  – Offers free makeovers to individuals living with HIV/AIDs and low income individuals to help improve their self-esteem.
  • Provides free or reduced cosmetic procedures to low income individuals to help build their self-confidence.
  • Provides free haircuts to senior citizens 65+, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and veterans monthly.

3. Serving Hope

  • Provides hot home-cooked meals, free haircuts, showers, and clothing to the homeless.
  • Prepares and serves meals to the homeless and elderly on the 4th Saturday of every month.
  • Provides free home-cooked meals to underprivileged students in Collin County.

4. Sharing Hope –

  • Organize a food share program in the DFW area.

Coordinate and distribute excess food with over 27 other organizations to aid in helping needy families.

“We treat all people with dignity and love to serve them by pampering them.” 

Nicole is now the director of the nonprofit. They both travel and speaks at women’s events often.  They enjoy do Mother/Daughter events together.  They have grown enormously to have an all volunteer staff of over 7000 people!  Annelise, Q.C.’s younger daughter (who is only 16) also serves The Source of Hope in many ways including her role as the official photographer for the nonprofit!

They’re impacting people in the beauty industry far and wide with their model of service.

It’s quite literally, a “beautiful” story, of what it looks like to use the life experience you’ve been uniquely given, in a way that serves and honors others.  That hard road you’ve been traveling?  It’s not lost.  It’s making you.  It’s been making you exactly the woman you need to become to make the impact in the world only YOU can make.

Not everyone will know of your struggle, but they will know your strength.  

They will know your love.

Be a source of hope for someone today.  

to more love,


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