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One day my friend Wendi sent me an invitation to a “networking” event, of sorts.  If you know me at all, you know that these types of things are not typically my cup of tea.  I didn’t know anyone on the invite list except Wendi, but her approach was light, and easy.  She copied us all on an email that included this key line “I have no agenda here other than to be the catalyst for whatever organic connections may arise between you all” and ended with, “Whatever it is, ALL of you are bad-a$$ in my book and I think you should meet. Let’s see what happens!”  It felt super organic, easy, and fun, like something my heart wanted to do.  So I said yes, and made it a priority to get there.

It’s become one of my favorite “meetings” ever.

These women are busy.  They are movers and shakers in Frisco, forging new paths and intentionally making a ruckus.  It’s easy to think that in gathering a group of strong women like that, you might encounter a few sharp elbows, catty conversation and self-promotion, but that’s not at all what emerged.  These women are kind, generous and authentic.  Because of the tone of Wendi’s email, they weren’t there to compete.

They showed up thinking about ways to help, connect and support each other.  

I’ve met women through that group whom I already count as true friends.  I’ve partnered with them on projects.  I have plans for partnerships with others.  In such a short time, they’ve already supported and encouraged me.  That’s the power of generosity.  It’s the power of connection.  It’s the power of gathering.

It’s the power of finding the courage to lead by taking the first step. 

It doesn’t take a rolodex the size of Texas to generously gather friends you love to introduce them to one another.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, planning, or organizing.  For our first meeting, Wendi literally just said, “Meet me in the lobby at Hotel Indigo.  I’ll circle the chairs.”  She introduced us and explained how she knew us.  From there, homes were offered for our next meetings.  New friendships and partnerships were born.

I couldn’t have possibly known it, and I didn’t realize it at the time, but I needed that invitation. 

Today I encourage you to take one tiny step toward connecting a group of friends.  It doesn’t have to be new friends like Wendi.  It can be friends who simply haven’t gathered in way too long.  It could be friends who see each other sporadically at events.  It could be moms you know through school or sports.

Jot down a list of names.

No really.  Right now.  Make a list.  It can be in your phone, on a sticky note, or on that back of that Starbucks receipt in your cupholder.  Put it out there in the universe that you’re going to get them together.

And then, do it.  

Send an invitation.  Gather your friends.  Circle the chairs.

With that one simple act, you have the power to make a difference. 

to more love,


Of course, this is the entire idea behind the HeartStories GNO.  We circle the chairs each month, holding the expectation that something magical is going to happen.  This final quarter of the year includes three unique events that will give you more confidence when gathering your people.  We’re kicking it off on October 4th, with a wine pairing GNO called “Bordeaux & Boards GNO ~ a Tour de Taste through the French Countryside.”  Join us!


  1. This is SO kind of you to share!!!! Xoxox- Wendi

    1. It’s so kind and generous of you to circle the chairs! XOXO right back to you Wendi!

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