Remember together

Today, as we pause to remember 9/11,  I’m ever aware that there are countless families whose pain from the events of that day will never heal.  Each of us, no matter how near or far, was impacted deeply by all that we saw and heard.  I remember exactly where I was that day.

No doubt you do too.

There’s something beautiful about remembering the image of The Twin Towers standing there, together.  They rose and they fell, together.  Even in the pain of their falling, they showed us that we find strength in one another.  Inside their trembling walls, strangers became family that day.  All over the globe, people clung tightly to one another while watching the horror unfold.  All the stereo types and political lines that divided us just moments before, were buried in the rubble, as we came together as a nation to rescue and recover our people.  We united in prayer for the survivors to be found, and the safety of the rescue workers.  Suddenly, we weren’t alone.  We became one giant community of selfless acts of caring, and giving whatever it took, for the larger community of humanity.

That unity was our healing. 

It was our rising again.

We were never meant to journey this life alone.  

As you take pause to reflect on the events of that day and all that has changed since then, do it in community.  Recall the events of the day with a friend out loud over coffee.   Take a moment with your colleagues at work.  Huddle up with your family to remember and tell stories.  Read an inspirational story of courage and selflessness from 9/11 to your children.  Share your memories of the day online.

Keep sharing the stories.  

Sharing your stories in community brings healing, for both you and for those who hear.

Today we remember.  

Today we can choose honor all those we lost by letting the walls that divide us tremble and fall.

We are meant to do life together.  

Remember together.

to more love,


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