Learning to swim

At our 70’s themed girls night last week, we experienced our very first complete downpour during set up.  We’ve worked in sprinkles.  We’ve worked in scalding heat and freezing temperatures, but this was our first experience of monsoon-like proportions while we were unloading all the things.  Of course, when I left my house, it was a sun-shiny day.  But by the time I arrived at GNO with my car filled to the brim with items for the event, it was a wall of water.  I parked right by the door, grabbed everything I could hold in my hands and made a run for it.

I kept thinking that if I waited, the rain might get lighter, even for just a few minutes. 

But it did not.  In fact, it got heavier and heavier.  We were all laughing about it as the rain got harder and harder, but I REALLY did not want to do an entire GNO soggy from head to toe.  So I kept working on anything that I could, inside the room.  Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but to think that if I didn’t want to run back to my car, that was right by the door, there might be a lot of ladies who would also prefer to stay dry for the night.

For a moment, it felt like things were falling apart.

Right about that time Aaron, from Simply Chic Event Rentals (our new rentals sponsor), arrived with all the rentals, he did not delay.  He jumped out of his car and kicked it into high gear, running back and forth, with all of the crates, tables, chairs and linens.  After only a couple of loads, he looked like he’d jumped in a swimming pool in his clothes.

But he did it all without showing one ounce of frustration, with a smile on his face. 

Watching him get soaked was not an encouragement to head back to my car, but I soon realized I had no choice.  The rain was not letting up.  So I donned one of the linen bags as rain gear and made a run for it.  But almost as soon as I did, Aaron offered to help me out and I took him up on it.  Not only did he help, he brought every single last item in from my car.

Then he parked my car and brought me the keys!

It’s been a summer of transitions for HeartStories on several fronts.  After a year of transitions for my family, I was really looking forward to some smooth sailing.  But that’s rarely how life works out.  Sometimes just when you think you cannot handle one more thing to be added to your plate, the floodgates open.

And you learn how to swim with the current.  

That night was such a great reminder for my soul.  What could have been a stressful and frustrating start to Girls Night because of something completely out of our control, turned into the catalyst for so much positive energy and contagious laughter.  Even those who got drenched on the way in, where laughing (and blow drying it off) While my giant bell-bottom jeans were soaked, my hair stayed pretty dry!  There was so much to be grateful for that night and all the positive energy in the middle of the storm was such a beautiful reminder.

“When it seems like things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.”

I don’t know what storm is brewing in your life today, but I’m sure it’s daunting.  It might seem like things are falling apart.  Today, open yourself up to the idea that what appears to be falling apart, could actually be falling exactly into place.

You might just be learning to swim.

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