Where are you working the hardest?

What are you working hard on ? ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesMy dad has made a goal to read the Twelve Pillars book with my kids, one pillar a week over 12 weeks.  He’s challenged them to memorize each of the twelve pillars of success.  If they can remember and recite them by the end of the twelve weeks, he’s offering a hefty reward.  We start pillar number two this week, but all week we’ve been practicing pillar number one.

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. 

The implications are so obvious.  So simple.  If you’re putting daily effort into learning and growing yourself as a person, you’ll be come a better person.  Not only will you do better at work, you’ll do better with your family and friends.  You’ll make better choices with your life.

Yet most of us don’t do it.

We work harder, longer hours.  We read books and take courses on sales or business.  We scour Pinterest to find the most  creative ideas.  We stay up later and wake up earlier, to get more done, but we aren’t investing much back into ourselves.

No matter what your “job” is, here’s my challenge to you today:

Think about where you are working the hardest.

Are you working on becoming more like the person you want to be?  Are you focused on becoming more healthy?  More kind?  More generous?  More joyful?  More content?

Or are you frantically checking things off the list in hopes it will get you where you want to go?

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

That’s a good one.

to more love,


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