Capturing Moments


Saturdays are usually my morning to “sleep in”.  The emphasis of the quotes is needed here because when I was younger, I would “sleep in” until 11 or 12 o’clock.  Not because I was out so late and actually needed that much sleep, but because I LOVE to sleep.  Even before I had kids and business of my own, if I could stay in bed on a Saturday on and off all day, that was like a little slice of heaven, sent down from above.  These days, “sleeping in” usually means waking up around 8 or 8:30 to head out to a sporting event with the fam.

But hey, that will work!

This past weekend was our first weekend after the end of football and soccer seasons and I was planning to officially sleep in.  Wouldn’t you know it, I woke up early?  I thought surely I could fall back asleep.  I rolled over and tried, but then I could hear the boys in the living room.  And pretty soon, this little ball of joy came sneaking in the room to see if I was awake yet.

He wanted to play.

So I pulled him into the bed and we snuggled and giggled and laughed out-loud. It was one of those mom-moments you wish you could just snapshot in your mind to keep forever. (that’s when I realized I could snapshot that moment, so I did!) A lazy morning, together, without a care in the world, but each other.  It was really special.

We don’t have those enough. 

We don’t have them enough because I’m usually rushing, from the moment I wake up, until it’s time to fall into bed again.  Most days we have an agenda for every waking moment and our only slow moments are the ones right before they fall asleep at night.  That just seems to be the pace of most days.

But we can still capture moments. 

As you head into this week, think about capturing moments.  Pay attention to the good ones.  Even in the middle of the rush, the messy and the chaos, notice opportunities for connection and capture them.  Capture them in your heart, in your mind and with your camera if you can.

This is the only one you can be sure of.  

What kind of moments will you capture this week?

I’d love to see them.


to more love,


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