It’s happening.


I had an experience at our GNO last night that I’ll never forget. I’ve known for a while now that I really enjoy leading groups and connecting women.  But last night, I got to experience for the first time, encouraging my sisters to embrace their unique strengths through the results of a personality assessment.

It was SO fun and transformational. . . for me.  

We talked about their natural tendencies toward seven primary advantages, or languages of personality.  We discussed their initial feelings about their results. Then, we dove into how those results make them uniquely suited for roles all of us need in our lives.  While many of the women were excited and onboard with our discoveries, there were a few who were less than thrilled.

Some of the words used to describe them had old stories attached to them.

A couple of women were courageous enough to open up with the group about it. One sister in particular was feeling like her primary advantage being “Trust” labeled her as an introvert and she was feeling a little discouraged that.  Before I could even respond, another sister (who didn’t even know her) jumped to her feet and said,

“I’ve gotta tell you something about that!”   

She proceeded to explain, with the most passionate (Passion is her primary advantage) and sincere words, that since trust is the language of stability, we “passion people” would be a train wreck without her.  We’d be flailing around losing things and friendships right and left.  We’re great at making connections, but we desperately need to be connected with people we can trust and depend on.  She said, “I vigilantly search out people like you in my life.” (mic drop)

You should have seen the change in her face.

The discouragement had faded and she was smiling.  She was affirmed in her worth.  Her sister saw her hurt and jumped up to defend her.  She held her up to give her a different vantage point.  And I bet it’s a moment they’ll never forget.

That’s the stuff my dreams are made of.

Just think for a minute about how different our world would be if we consistently treated each other like that.  What if instead of hiding our insecurities and our doubts, we all had sisters around us who cared enough to jump up and call us out? What if we were surrounded by women who held us up and spoke the truth about us when we’re feeling low?

What if we did it in private and right out loud in public?

We’d be changing the world.  That’s what. 

It’s already happening sister.

Keep it up.

to more love,



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