You have a choice to make.

You have a choice to make. ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

I was talking with Scott last night about how painful this election cycle has been, when I suddenly realized, that this is the first presidential election I’ve lived through on Facebook.  I didn’t even have an account four years ago.  I’m usually the first one adopting new technology and staying ahead of the game, but I resisted Facebook because all I heard was complaints about how it made people sad and lonely.  I heard how it sucked their time away, entirely against their will.

I didn’t have time for that.

But when I started HeartStories, I needed a personal profile to set up a business page on Facebook, and thus my account was born.  I thought I could remain anonymous. But within hours, I had friend requests from people I hadn’t seen in years.

You know how that story goes.  

Even though I certainly wish I spent less time scrolling articles that I’m not even interested in, I’ve found Facebook has kept me connected with friends, family and acquaintances.  It’s deepened my friendship and care for people I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to stay in contact with.  Overall, because I’m such a passionate “feeler”, it’s been a welcome addition to my life.

Until recently. 

This election cycle has been an incredibly difficult time for all of us.  Watching it play out on Facebook has been painful, to say the least.  The lines of politics are meant to divide and that, they do.  But when they cut us completely off from caring for one another as human beings, they’ve gone too far.  My heart has been broken wide open reading words, even from people I love, meant to hurt instead of heal.  It’s been gut wrenching and it’s not over yet.

Today is only the beginning. 

Yes, today is the day we’ve all been waiting for.  We’ve just been waiting for it to finally be over.  But tomorrow morning, we have our loudest voice yet.  We get to decide if we will love anyway.  Despite our fears, disappointment, anger, hurt. . . or even our elation, we have a choice to make.

You have a choice to make. 

What will you do next?  After you cast your vote, and the urgency of the lines that divide us is a thing of the past, how will you choose to heal?

How will you heal yourself?

How will you heal your relationships?

You can stay mad.  You can get bitter.  You can go on a rampage for weeks and months on end.  You can shout your victory from the Facebook rooftops.  No one is going to stop you.

But you can do better. 

You can forgive.  You can forgive yourself.  You can forgive others, even if they never ask.

Our country needs the healing that can only come from love and forgiveness.  

Let’s begin down the path of healing today.

What do you say?

to more love,


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