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I grew up in a family of all girls.  For us, that meant we didn’t watch much violence on T.V.  We watched things like the Brady Bunch, Scooby and the Smurfs.

Having boys is a whole new world for me.

I love it.  I really do, but I’m learning that they have a natural tendency to be intrigued by aggression.  The media fuels this for young boys by creating all kinds of T.V. shows full of violence.

I must say, I do not like little boy’s T.V. shows.

They don’t watch much T.V.  as it is, but every show seems to have low grumbling voices that get loud, shout and then catch fire or shoot. Someone is always trying to kill someone else.  And it’s not just an arrow to the heart, it’s smashing and obliterating.  Even the Lego series is all about scary monsters trying to kill the good guys.

I’ve had enough.

So I made a new rule, that we aren’t watching any more violence.  The boys are not fans of this rule.  It eliminates most of the shows they enjoy.

I hate that for them, but I’m more interested in growing their character than them liking our rules.

So the other day, I was walking through the kitchen and heard them watching Backyardagins.  I was so proud.  This is a show they watched when they were little bitty and it’s long since been removed from the iPads.  I haven’t seen it in years.

They were really into it.

As I was passing I heard Uniqua and Tyrone talking about being scared to get through the forest for fear of The Moose of the Mist.   I remember that one!  Tyrone was afraid to pass through the misty forest because of the strange noises he heard when he tried.   Uniqua in her cheery, brave state was reminding him that he could be afraid and brave at the same time.

Being scared doesn’t mean you’re not brave. ~ Uniqua

It turns out that the scary noises echoing in the mist were Tyrone all along.  He was hearing the echo of his scared bellowing, reverberating back at him.  After all, he is a moose.

It struck me.

Who reminds us of that as adults?  That just because we’re afraid, doesn’t mean we can’t do it.  That in fact, we can use the fear to help us push through.  To keep walking into the misty forest.

For me, often that voice in the mist is Seth Godin.  He talks about lizard brain fear a lot.  I love his quote: Passion can overcome fear.

It’s so true.

What’s in your heart can overcome the fears in your head.  

The definition of Brave is to have the courage of one’s convictions, to act in accordance withone’s beliefs, especially in spite of criticism.  It’s not about being fearless.  

It’s about moving forward anyway.  

And an older definition of Courage refers to the heart as the source of emotion.

Life can be scary.

We encounter a lot of misty forests.  We have no idea what’s lurking inside.  The noises can be eery and frightening.

But if we’re ever going to get to the other side, we have to be brave.

It’s okay that you’re scared and brave at the same time.  

You can trust the passion in your heart to overcome your fears and move forward anyway.

After all, it might turn out those creepy noises were just the echo of your own fear.

Move forward today.

Don’t stay frozen.

What you do matters.

Go make a difference.

To more love,


P. S. I recently got in touch with Margie Warrell.  If you don’t follow her, you should.  She’s a beautiful soul with a heart to support women all over the world.  This is an introduction to her new book, “Brave”.  I think it’s fitting to share it with you today.

Everyone of us is called to be courageous in some aspect of our lives, every single day.  ~ Margie Warrell

P.S. S. We don’t make a dime if you buy her book.  It’s simply a great resource from an incredible woman.


  1. Crystal I love the story you told . You have always been brave even since you were a child! I’m so proud of the mother, wife, daughter and person you’ve become! It makes my heart smile when I read what you write. Keep sharing stories from your heart they are touching mine and many others. ” heart stories”. Love you very much, dad

    1. Thank you Dad! That means so much to me. I learned to be brave, watching you. I love you!

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