You already are.

Libba and B, you already are

Yesterday, while eating lunch on the patio with friends, my friend Libba told me a story.

She got a moment to pray with her daughter the other night before bed.  In that moment, her daughter asked, What are you praying for Mom? Libba answered,  I’m praying that I will be exactly the mom you need me to be.  

At that, her daughter turned to look in her eyes and said, But you already are.

Libba’s eyes filled with tears as she recounted the story.  The reassurance that her daughter fully believed she was exactly who she needed her to be, in that moment, was overwhelming.

When she told that story, I felt it.  Big.

I’m working so hard at becoming the best version of myself.   Seeking to live a life filled with more meaning and purpose.  Giving more and more time and energy to things that matter, things that make a difference.

And yet, it’s so easy to let that internal track be the constant reminder that I’m not there yet.  Not yet enough.

I wonder if you ever feel that?  

In your constant striving to do everything to the best of your ability, does the old soundtrack ever whisper to you, You’re not good enough?

Not a good enough mother, wife, friend, creator, business person, leader. . .

Lean in a little closer.

You already are. 

You’re enough.

Yes, you.  

In the areas of your life you feel the most incomplete.  The most insufficient.  The most stuck.

You’re enough.

It’s the human condition to strive for more and better.  And most of the time, that’s a good thing.  It keeps us moving forward, doing more good.

Our natural tendency to feel incomplete is fertile ground for growth, maturity and creativity. 

But if you leave that old track unchecked, it can completely derail you.

Spending time in relationships with the people who know you and love you exactly as you are, can help keep you on track.  Those friends are the mirror that reflects back the truth of who you are, despite the worn out track in your head.

They remind you of who you are.

If what you’re going through today is whispering in your ear that you’re not enough, let someone know.

Send a text.  Use our app.  Heck, you could totally freak them out and actually call them on the phone.

Nothing can quiet that soundtrack like the voice of a friend.

If you’re feeling especially lonely and without a friend, call a counselor, your church, or a neighbor.

You never know, the person you reach might need to know today that they matter.  That they’re needed and important.

The voice of Love is always louder.  

 To more love,


P.S.  Just in case you haven’t seen it. . . you’re enough.


  1. My daughter tells me, “You’re the best Mama–ever!” I would tell my Mama that before she died. Melts my heart in sooo many ways. I see my mama in my daughter. My bad days vanish when I look deeply in my daughter’s eyes. The old soul comes out. I can’t be sad with that!

    1. Oh wow Missy! Thank you for sharing that. There”s such an incredible bond between a mother and her child. Nothing in the world like it. Can’t be sad with that for sure!

  2. Yes! Why is it that so often this is the simplest thing to recognize in someone else, but we often do not even see ourselves doing it—AND why do we think it is ok to keep that negative soundtrack going in our minds? Thank you for sharing crystal!!!

    1. It’s so easy because it’s a secret when we leave it in our heads! What we don’t share, grows. So easy to see the beauty in others because we don’t listen to their inner soundtrack, we only see their beauty.
      XO Brittany!

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