Without a map

Map of lifeWhat do you do when you’ve chosen a path that’s not on the map?

What if your destination isn’t even on the map?

Sure, other people can stand on the side of the road and tell you where to go.  Of course, they’ve already been there.  They know exactly what’s around the bend.

Sometimes that’s true.

Learning from the wisdom and experience of others can save a lot of pain and heartache.  It can help us grow without some of the growing pains. It can help us get to peace and joy more quickly.

Being open and curious about the experience of others is a wonderful thing.

Having a trusted team and wise advisors is invaluable.

I can’t even imagine the last few years without the wisdom of the incredible team that has supported HeartStories.   They’ve steered me away from poor choices.  They’ve imparted wisdom that saved me hours of work.

Each individual brings a unique set of life experiences that proves invaluable to what we’re doing.  But at the end of the day, the direction of HeartStories ultimately rests on my shoulders.

The choices we make, the path we take, it’s up to me to decide.  

I was reminded of this importance of this truth in a conversation this week.   I was reminded of all the times I felt unsure, tired and scared so I blindly trusted someone else’s past to create my present.

It never got me to the place I was hoping to go. 

It’s the same for you.  In your work, as a parent, a friend, or a spouse, it’s your path.  And there is no map.

There are absolutely guides that provide sage wisdom on the path ahead.  There are books, speakers, and bloggers to guide you along the paths they know.   Trusting in faith can guide the direction of your heart.

All of those things guide you.  They point you in the direction you want to go.  But the daily, moment by moment choices are what become your map.

Each step across a branch here.  Swim across the river there.

Each decision to climb up that hill, or go around.

Each moment you stop and rest to take it all in.

Every choice you make, is forging a path in this life that only you will take.  

Sure, you can follow close behind someone else’s journey.  You can mimic their every move.  You can trust that they’re headed exactly where you want to go.

But you’ll end up where they are meant to be, not where you’re meant to be.

Trust yourself today.

Trust that if you’re filling your heart, your mind, and your life with wisdom, you must decide. 

Choices, big or small, they’re taking you somewhere.  

Is it where you really want to go?

Your life didn’t come with a map.

It came with your mind.

It came with your heart.

Trust them, together.

To more love,


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