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What to do when you are stuck, HeartstoriesWe went to Utah over the weekend to sneak in some snow skiing.  It was a wonderful trip, despite my taking an unusually hard fall trying to keep up with my dare-devil kiddos.  (have no idea where they got that from) 😉

It snowed every day so the powder was beautiful and thick.

Beautiful thick powder is lovely to look at.  It’s also wonderful to ski on, after it’s groomed.  But if you’re with our clan, it is, of course, much more fun to ski the tree runs that haven’t been groomed.   Those boys took every run that veered from the beaten path, that even appeared to have been attempted by someone else.

As you can imagine, there were several “stuck” moments.  

Once your skis are buried in snow, there’s really no point in continuing to struggle.  You must take them off, bring them to the higher ground and start over.  If not, you can waste 10-15 minutes or more, and tons of good skiing energy, in the fight to get unstuck.  Even then, depending on the depth of the snow, getting up and getting going again still takes a considerable amount of effort.  At least this is the wisdom of a lifetime of skiing.

Experience has taught me to stay right behind the boys, just in case.

It’s fitting that they not only got their dare-devil tendencies from me.  They also inherited an insanely strong will, from both Scott and me. Those two things will serve them well in life.  But when they’re stuck in the snow, and help is available, that strong will can be a little misplaced.

I snapped this picture while waiting, ever so patiently, for one of my boys to get himself unstuck.

It literally took him 10 minutes to get unstuck.  He refused even so much as a balancing hand from me.  He was FINE!  With much thrashing, screaming, huffing and puffing, he finally freed himself from the snow and took off in a flash. Meanwhile, I took scenic photos and of course a few memorable ones, like this.

We all get stuck sometimes.

I wonder how often you’re stuck in the deep snow, thrashing around alone, frustrated, exhausted, and wanting to quit, when all the while, there is someone standing right behind you.  Someone who would love to help.   Someone with an outstretched hand, just waiting for you to receive it.

I bet it’s more often than you’d like to admit.

I know it is for me.  Most of the time, when I am stuck, if I’ll simply lower my defenses and look around, I will find help.  Not only that, I’ll find encouragement and support.  Even when it feels like the world is judging and critical, just opening up and showing my need changes everything.

I don’t know where you might feel stuck today, but I want to encourage you to look around.

Ask for help.  Lean on a friend.  Call up your therapist, minister or coach.

Don’t waste one more second thrashing in the snow when help is waiting for you to simply turn around and ask.

It’s easier than you think to let go and lean in, to the help of someone who cares.

Trust me on this one.

to more love,



  1. Oh, my, what talent you have to write just what I need to read.

    1. I’m so glad Glenna. Maybe we’re just in tune! Love!

  2. “Don’t waste one more second thrashing in the snow, when help is waiting for you to simply turn around and ask.”

    So true. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome friend. XO!

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