Behind door number two

On Friday, our event planner Beth and I went down to Big D Party Rentals.  We started in the design center, picking out the tackiest colors of linens you’ve seen paired since 1989.  Meanwhile, a bride and groom were trying to contain their side-eye reactions, while picking out their lovely blush and ivory linens behind us.  We were asking, “Do you have anything brighter?  Shinier?”   

They seemed genuinely concerned for us.  

We schemed about table layout, placement of the dance floor and activities for the 80’s memory stations.  We even popped in the ‘staging’ room, to try out the different colored lights and patterns on the disco ball.  We’d covered everything from stemware to lounge furniture and it was time to go.

Then we realized we needed to discuss refrigeration.  

Jordan told me they had mobile refrigerators.  She offered to show them to me.  I was tempted to just go with whatever they had, sight unseen.  It would have been easy.  I would have been on my way.  But for some reason, I felt like I should go.

We walked through the doors to the back warehouse, when suddenly, a light came down from heaven. . . and shone right on this beauty.  

You have PAC-MAN?!?!  

We have a whole arcade package.

My heart leapt with joy and the HeartStories GNO 80’s party arcade room was born.  

Here’s the deal.  It was time to go.   I felt like I’d taken too much of her time already.  It would have been easier to just trust her on the fridge and move on.

But there was a little tingle in my gut.

That sense that there was something more.  The still, small whisper pulling me in.  I noticed it and paid attention to it.  And voila!

We have an arcade.  

Sometimes those little whispers turn out to be gas.  😉 But often, they’re something more.  And if you pay attention, they will lead you to exactly the place you’re meant to be.

Don’t dismiss the call of your heart because you’re too busy or you think your time is up.  

You never know what might be waiting for you behind door number two!

to more love,


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