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Growing Together

Some kids got to go to the State Fair yesterday to enjoy their day off of school.  My kids got to make the rounds at check-ups and chiropractor adjustments.  It’s hard to be a kid in our family, right?  Especially with two full-day field trips this week.  They’ve got it rough, I tell ya.

But at least there’s a positive out of all of it. 

We found out how much they weigh . . . together.   Thank God for a very patient nurse who obliged them when they thought it would be funny to send their cumulative weight to her computer instead of their individual weights.  She had a good laugh, and so did I.

I noticed something interesting about that though. 

They were very curious and excited to find out how tall they were, and how much they weighed.  They weren’t ashamed or embarrassed. They weren’t trying to make sure no one saw …

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