The Mess Brings the Memories

For my daughter’s most recent birthday, she wanted a “YES day.” A full 24 hours of doing anything (within reason) she wished.


There were a few requests I expected like Build-a-Bear workshop and a unicorn cake. But then my sweet seven-year-old threw us a curveball:


She wanted a food fight.


I don’t consider myself a fun mom. In fact, most of the time I’m more of a manager—managing appointments, managing behaviors—then getting to be a carefree mother. So my first instinct was no. The mess…the sensory overload…


But it was YES day.


So we put on our goggles and gave it a go.


And it was by far my favorite birthday to date.


Sometimes the moments of fun and celebration that we create for our children we must participate in ourselves. Sometimes it’s worth letting the dishes sit in the sink in order to play that extra board game, or carving out the time to jump on the bed to their favorite Taylor Swift song. Sometimes when we busy ourselves, we become victims to mothering like a machine; doing task after task without enjoyment or fulfillment. It is only when we slow down that we see the greatest gift is child-like joy.


Sometimes life’s messiest moments result in the most beautiful memories.


To More Love,



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