Wherever the Road Leads


Sometimes I wonder if my kids would fare better if we bought a big plot of land and moved out of the city.


Maybe a slower pace would be more beneficial for children with sensory needs. Maybe they’d thrive with open fields, surrounded by people who seem far more forgiving.


But then I remember that’s not us—at least not right now.


We enjoy restaurants and museums. We enjoy concerts, and parks you can’t find anywhere else.


And the only reason my children like all of those things is because they’ve been exposed to them. I removed their bubble wrap early on and put them right out into this busy world—always with my hand nearby to hold.


And eventually, they began to thrive.


I think as we reemerge into a world that’s been shut down for quite some time now, we might want to adopt the same mentality. Things may seem foreign and strange, perhaps even slightly overwhelming. We may feel alienated from our former selves or unsure of where we best fit.


But the only way we learn is from living. And there’s a big, beautiful earth out there to explore until we find what works best.


“We must prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child.”


So big town or small, wherever the roads leads us—


We’ll be ready.


To More Love,



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