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Traffic is a teacher ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

If you know me, or you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know; eyelash extensions and me, we have a thing.  They’re my one consistent routine of self-care.  I go visit my friend Lisa every two weeks when the kids are going to sleep.

It’s usually a relaxing time that’s reserved for me.

Scott and I actually had a nice dinner date and then parted ways at 7:30.  He – to pick up the boys at church and me –  to zip up the tollway to get my lashes.  I left in plenty of time, with not a thought in the world of a traffic jam heading up to Prosper (the farthest north suburb of Dallas).

But this is what I found.

Of course, there was no “out”.  I was stuck.  Sitting still, with literally hundreds of other cars, for over an hour.  It was like that part in the Jack & Annie kid’s series when the wind blows ,the treehouse spins and then suddenly everything is still.  Absolutely still.

It was crazy- making. 

I wasn’t looking for still.  I wanted the wind to keep blowing.  I wanted the treehouse to keep spinning.  And apparently so did everyone else by the sounds of their blaring horns and their excruciatingly rude driving manors.  This is where I’d love to tell you that I decided to empower myself. That I turned on calm, soft music and closed my eyes to meditate.

But I did not.

I was frantically checking Waze, and calling Scott and Lisa.  I felt so terrible for Lisa who was patiently waiting on me.  I’m a fixer, a problem solver, so I was wracking my brain for anything in the world I could do to get myself out of this mess.  But I had nothing.

I felt helpless.  

I chose to feel helpless.  I actually had ALL the power to change the atmosphere in my car.  I could change the air temperature.  I could change the music or listen to a podcast.  I could eat, drink or chew gum.  I could have called a friend to catch up.  I could have prayed.  All those things were totally up to me.  But instead, I sat there stressed out, with my mind racing, the entire time.

I missed it.

I missed the opportunity to grow.  I missed the chance to let the traffic teach me.  I missed it because I chose to act like a victim of that crazy traffic, instead of embracing all the power I actually had.

This happens a lot more than any of us realize.

There are moments throughout every day when we experience life as ‘happening to us’ instead of recognizing the immense power we have to choose our reaction to every single situation.

Every one.

Think about that as you go into your day today.  When you’re stuck in traffic, when your kid (or your boss) is having a meltdown, when appointment is cancelled, or the sale doesn’t come through.  When your best laid plans crumble right in front of you.

Hold on to your power, don’t give it up.

Take a deep breath.  Rest your shoulders back.  Pull up those yoga pants, spanks or whatever you’re wearing.  And remind that beautiful girl in the mirror. . .

You’ve got this.  

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