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Cricket and I had a special bonding experience yesterday.  She had her first ride in a jeep with the top off and I offered my first mid-day dog delivery service.  Don’t get too excited.

It’s not a new business model.

It’s what happens when a bestie goes back to working outside the home office and needs a ‘lil support from her people.   It’s what happens when a mom who’s traveling for work needs a friend to bring her son along for soccer practice.  It also happens when I’m running late for car line, because a venue visit ran over, and I call in a last-minute Hail Mary to grab my boys so they’re not left on the curb.

We’re not in the business of delivering dogs, or kids.

We’re in the business of being friends who get the grind.  We’re intentional about being friends who understand the strain a passion, a career, or even an illness can put on your priorities.   We know it takes a village and we’re learning how to be a good village.

That’s why HeartStories is plural.  

(Well that, and the guy who owned the url for heartstory.com wanted $50K for it at the time) But seriously, you simply cannot live the story you are meant to live in isolation.  You have to find your village and intertwine your life with theirs.

Believe me, I know this is easier said than done.

Historically, I’ve been terrible at this, but everyday I am learning to take the time to engage with others.  I’m making it a priority to ask for my people for help when I need it, and that’s hard for me to do.  I’m also working to make it a priority to offer help to my village, no matter how busy my life seems.  Why?

Because I get it.  

And so do you.  Only you know what it takes to make it in your village.  Offer it up sister.  Then, let your people show up for you too.  It’s absolutely vital to share life with friends who get the life you lead. They’re not in your exact same shoes, but they understand.  That support and connection breathes life into your soul.

Sister, you can’t do this alone.  

And no matter how much it appears that your friend has it all in the bag, neither can she.  Sign up for a dog delivery today.  It will lighten a sister’s load and it will change your perspective.

You’ll both remember that you are never alone.

to more love,


P.S.  If you’re local and want to mingle with other women who believe in this kind of life, come check out our Girl’s Night on October 6th.  We’re getting a lot of practice there.

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