You’re a wise woman now

Do you remember a specific story from your childhood when you had to talk about something awkward with your family?

I asked that question Thursday night at GNO and the ladies shared hysterical stories with their groups.  They then chose a representative to share the “most colorful” story with the whole group.  We then had to determine if the person sharing the story was the real person who experienced the incident or whether they were faking the whole thing.

Hilarium ensued.  

The stories we heard were real.  The names might have been changed to protect the innocent, but the stories weren’t made up.  They were hilarious and yet, many of them had never been told before.

Especially not in public.  

It was fascinating to see the connections we made with one another when we realized that EVERYONE has awkward stories. Everyone has a past that isn’t perfect.  Everyone has awkward moments, enshrined in silence, for fear of embarrassment or shame.

But we found joy and beauty there.  

Something incredibly beautiful happens when we share those stories.  When we pull them out of the hidden places where they seem so big, scary or awkward, it connects us.  It helps us feel human, together.  It frees us.

It reminds us we’re never alone.

When the grown woman you are now, who knows everything you know now, brings your old, awkward stories out into the light of day, they lose the weight that held them inside.  They instantly become lighter and easier.  They often become comical.

And always human.  

Any fear that held those stories inside quickly takes a backseat to the wisdom of the woman who owns that story now.   You’re not that little girl anymore.  You’re not that teenager anymore.  You’re more than capable of handling things differently.  You’re more than capable of coming to her aid.  You’re more than capable of guiding her through the process.

You can assure her that there’s so much beauty in the unknown.

There’s beauty in discovering and growing.  Life isn’t about having all the right answers.  It’s about falling down and getting back up. It’s about getting lost and finding your way.

You’re a wise woman now.  

There’s freedom and joy waiting for you and for others, just on the other side of telling those stories. And they’ll look different to the capable woman you are now.

So go ahead, tell your stories.  

Someone you know needs a good laugh today.

to more love,


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