Your memories will thank you later

I started HeartStories with the purpose of reconnecting busy women with their girlfriends as means to inspire joy, and the courage to pursue their purpose.  One of my favorite things that has unexpectedly emerged along the way, is the connections I have made with strong, talented and courageous women doing fascinating things in the world.  These women have become like a circle of sisters, I can count on in my own life.

They are a huge part of my tribe.

It used to surprise me, when I’d reach out to ask if they’re up for leading a workshop for GNO, that there was always more to the story than the obvious incredible things they’ve done.  But now I know better.  100% of the time, there is a beautiful backstory.  It’s never an easy tale of just “follow your dreams and everything will turn out perfectly”.  It’s always a journey, leading to unexpected places, filled with trials, doubt, struggle, blended together with glimmers of hope, joy and purpose all along the way.

It’s no different for this week’s GNO featured guest, professional photographer, Miranda Longoria.

I am in awe of her.  She is a powerhouse of professionalism and knowledge.  She’s insanely skilled at her craft.  She’s kind, generous and collaborative.  She’s a mama, raising four busy and smart kids, so she total gets this crazy, messy life.  Because she has a teenage daughter, she knows as well as anyone, that these moments of parenting are fleeting while life is flying by.  Miranda has made it a point to instill into her daughter that she’s smart, beautiful, strong and loving, that she has so much.  In fact, she laughed out loud while telling me about a meme she saw recently that said:

“I wanted to raise a strong independent daughter, but now she questions everything . . . including me.” 

We immediately went off in a side conversation about the battle within ourselves to stay true to the core values and disciplines we hold, while at the same time, being able to modify them to work in today’s world, which is significantly more diverse, compassionate, and more connected than ours ever was.  We are the first generation raising children who have never used a phone plugged to the wall and don’t even know what a pay phone is.  They have the internet at their finger tips, which is so scary all by itself.  But how we believe they’re going to be the generation that fixes all our wrongs, with their compassion and connectedness.

I’m telling you, she is my soul sister!

The icing on the cake? Miranda believes the best secrets of the fanciest cameras apply to the best camera you have (the one in your pocket) and you can be taking much higher quality pictures to preserve your family history.  She knows we all have phones, chock full of half-baked, poorly lit, off-focus images that we rarely ever look at, after we snap them up.  She’s on a mission to change that.  She’s passionate about sharing her wisdom to give women the knowledge and tools you need to snap beautiful, high-quality images with the camera that’s always with you.  There’s no need to lug a giant lens and camera bag, or learn what to do with it.  Whether or not you can make it to our Phonetography Girls Night Out on Thursday, you can, and should, learn to use your phone to capture all the beauty happening in your everyday life.

Because this day is your life.

In 20 years, you’ll want to have a legacy and history to share with the ones who won’t remember . . . through the beautiful images you’ve captured along the way.  So no matter what you’re doing on Thursday night, keep taking time to create memories with the ones you love.

And by all means, take pictures!

to more love,


P.S.  Miranda will be teaching us how to take better pictures, of course.  She’ll also teach you the best ways to back them up so you don’t lose them and how to print your favorites so you can most enjoy them.  That way, in 20 years, you’ll have a legacy and history to share with your images.  That’s her “why”.  Make it a point to join us on Thursday.  Your memories will thank you later!


Image cred: Miranda Longoria Photography

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