Your invitation to possibility

Last night we celebrated ONE year of women gathering, monthly to take time to show up for themselves and for each other at the Girls Night Out.  We clearly had no fun at all.

It was like, totally boring.  

We laughed, we hoola-hooped, we sang, ate, made friendship pins, played arcade games, ate fabulous birthday cake, and even shook a leg out on the dance floor.  Did I mention, we took a few pictures?!?   But mostly we connected and celebrated.  We took joy in realizing that becoming the women we want to be takes work.  It takes sacrifice.

It takes showing up. . . over and over again.

My friend Mimi made us these darling custom clings as a way of commemorating this year’s journey.  When I think back, this message has been the entire journey of HeartStories since the beginning, in 2012.

Trust the wait.  

Embrace the uncertainty.  

Enjoy the beauty of the becoming.  

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.  

There’s been a lot of wait, uncertainty and becoming on this journey, but what I’ve learned is those things are precisely what this journey is all about.  It’s what the good life is made up of.  It’s not safe and predictable, instead it’s brimming with possibility!  Looking at the two lovely 80’s ladies in the picture with me above is all the confirmation I need.

Anything is possible.  

They played enormous roles in making the event happen last night.  Heather, on the left, flew in from D.C. for our party.   I connected with Ashley, on the right, via Facebook.  We all met face-to-face for the first time, decked out in our 80’s garb, and we are sisters already.   They’re bolstering HeartStories in ways that have never happened before.

They’re living proof that anything is possible.  

So whatever is going on in your life today that feels uncertain or unknown.  Whatever you are waiting for.  However your heart is aching to have the answers.  Sister, I have been there.  I’m still there in SO many ways.  So please hear this from me today:

The unknown is your invitation to possibility.

It’s up to you to accept it.

to more love,


P.S. I could have NEVER even understood this, or began to write this blog without the wisdom and patient coaching of Michelle James.  This is the work of her life!  This one’s for you Michelle.  <3

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