Life is hard, but growth is worth it.

Raise your hand if you wish this was you right this second. . .  Barefoot and free as a bird at the beach.  Excitement and expectation on your face.  A healthy, strong body wearing a t-shirt that says, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”.

Yes please!

Meet Heather.  She’s an angel straight from heaven above.  Of course, she’s actually human, but the very best kind of human.  Heather stepped on the scene one especially difficult Tuesday evening in April.  I’d just found out that a gal I’d hired, and spent a week on-boarding, had a family emergency that was causing her to have to bow out before she even got started.  I was rushing around like a maniac in between football and soccer practices, while preparing for an upcoming event.  I was already exhausted.

Now I was discouraged too.   

I pulled up to pick up Noah at soccer practice and Oaks hopped out and ran over to join the crew for a popsicle.  I decided, instead of just sitting there, sulking in my car, I’d check the job site really quickly to see if there were any previous applicants I could reach back out to.  As soon as I opened the app, a message popped up.

It was Heather Martin.  

“After reading your post, I blinked several times to make sure I’d read the request accurately. Then I made a cup of coffee and read it again, nodding and smiling the entire time. And then I got up and did a little happy dance. I could not be more excited to submit this proposal to join the HeartStories team.  

Not only does the work itself speak directly to my passions and areas of expertise, but the vision and mission of what HeartStories is doing as an organization resonates with me as a woman, mother, wife, and human being. Since becoming a mother and continuing to work full-time, I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of who I am and I’ve realized how desperately we need communities where we can come together to acknowledge how crazy this season of our lives is. The mission behind HeartStories is truly inspired and I feel that in addition to lending my expertise, I could also learn a few things about tuning out the negative noise in life. I would be honored to help the HeartStories team expand their platform, launch new events, and broaden their reach to a wider audience.”

And I cried.

I fumbled to reply with my thumbs.  In between the misspelled words, all I could get out was “Wow.  I’d LOVE to chat!”  Somehow we scheduled a time and the rest is history.

At least it’s the beginning of a beautiful story that will go down as history.  

Heather is so wise, talented, experienced, mature, calm, peaceful, fun, funny, kind, generous, and eloquent.  I feel better about life, work, and even myself, just by talking with her.  She gives humanity a good name.

I hope the more we work together, she continues to rub off on me!

She is truly an exceptional person on every level (that I’ve been exposed to this far).  Which I feel like includes a lot of levels.  😉  She shows up so generously to support me and this work I’m doing.  I feel like I won the lottery the day she wrote me.  I am forever grateful.
So what’s going on with you this week?
Are you already worn out and then something unexpected happened that added to the weight?  Or do you feel discouraged because someone didn’t hold up their end of the bargain?  Do you just wish you could catch a break and see a little light in the tunnel?
Hold on.  
Don’t give up.  Don’t sit and sulk.  Don’t stay stuck.
Do the next right thing.  
I’m not promising rainbows and unicorns will appear.  Nope.  In fact, Heather has lit a fire under my butt.  I’ve worked harder and taken more risks in the last month than I have in years.  It’s that good kind of scary hard that will lead to growth, no matter the measurable outcome.
But if you just take one step, in the direction you know you want to go, you won’t be stuck where you were.
Take a step today.
Life is hard, but growth is worth it.
to more love,

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