Your inextinguishable light

Your inextinguishable light ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

Sometimes life and relationships get so hard we feel like we don’t have any light left.  Like we’re a dim flickering bulb, barely lighting the path, with a high possibility of going out at any second.   We want to shine, really we do, but it just feels so hard.   Well I have a little secret for you today sister.

We see the light in you.

You can’t hide it.  It’s not really flickering either.  It’s bright, and strong.

We see your beautiful smile, the one that is so unique to you.  We see you busting your tail at your job.  We see you mama, working hard to love those kids well.  We see your tears when you lost your temper or weren’t as loving as you’d like to your hubby.  We see you in the quiet moments wondering if there’s more.

There is always more for you.  It’s just that sometimes it takes the darkness to discover your inextinguishable light.  You light up the darkness in a way only you can.   We need you to believe that.

Look for your light today.  Believe that it’s there, and you will find it.  

And while you’re at it.  Look for it in your sisters.

I bet you’ll find it in them too!

to more love,


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