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Yesterday I wrote about Playing anyway when the storms, disappointments and unexpected detours come your way.  What’s funny is, just a few minutes after I wrote that blog, our little game time, turned into grab your pillows and run into the closet time.

The wind was howling.  Trash cans, chairs and shingles were flying past and our fence fell into several pieces all over the yard and the road.  It wasn’t a twister, but it sure acted a lot like one.

The entire rest of our day was spent in the back yard, picking up trash, helping neighbors, talking with insurance and contractors. Rebuilding.  Of course we’re not professional, we simply grabbed some hammers, nails and a crow bar and got to work trying to put things back together.

Sometimes you can’t wait for the professionals to arrive.

You just have to use the tools you have, put on your rain boots and get started.  Of course you can’t and shouldn’t try to rebuild entirely on your own (we didn’t climb up on the roof), but you can do a lot more than you think.  My boys and I got our entire fence nailed back up without any help.  It doesn’t look pretty, and it certainly won’t last, but for right now, it’s keeping the pups in and doing it’s job.

Life is a lot like that.

It’s easy to say things like, “This problem is too big.  Let’s wait for someone else to help.”  or “I have no idea where to start, I better not try or I could make it worse.”   The deal is, you might turn around and see that you’ve spent the whole day, the whole year or maybe your whole life waiting for someone else to start when all the while, you could have been learning to rebuild.

I don’t know what needs rebuilding in your life today, but I know this:

You can be the one to start.  

It will probably be a little messy.  It might not turn out perfectly.  Because life seldom does.  But if you’re interested in living well, you’re going to have to learn to rebuild.

Get started sister.  Today is your day.

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