Your choices matter more than you think


Your choices matter more than you thinkYour choices matter more than you think.

Even the small ones.

Last night a friend emailed me a blog post she’d written.  She wanted feedback on the flow, layout, etc…  What she didn’t know, in fact what she might have been shocked to hear, is that she wrote that post for me.

It was a message my heart desperately needed to hear.

So today, I want you to hear that what you do matters.

Every choice you make affects someone, good or bad.  Even the ones that seem insignificant. Like whether or not you hit send on that email.

Reaching out for a hug instead of a handshake? It matters.

Sending a text to check in on a friend? It matters.

That one last kiss goodnight?  It matters.

Choosing to buy gifts from a company that gives back?  It matters.

Making eye contact with a smile instead of looking away?  It matters.

Using your voice to encourage someone who is down? It matters.

Stuffing your feelings down or talking it out?  It matters.

Choosing to go or just stay home?  It matters.

Using your hands to heal?  It matters.

In those quick moments just before you make a choice that seems like it won’t matter, please remember today, it does.  

It matters to someone.  

It might matter to you or someone you care about.  Or it might matter to someone you’ll never meet.  You may never know how, but it does matter.

Your choices have the power to change someone’s life.   Your choice today might be the difference between hope and desperation.

Choose to care more than what’s convenient.

Choose to give more than you can afford.

Choose to love more than what feels safe.  

That’s what I’m choosing today.  Will you join me?

To more love,





  1. Crystal,
    I hope you see what God is up to. Keep doing this because, it matters that you do!
    I love you friend!

    1. Thank you Toni! Sometimes I get to. 😉
      I love you so much too!

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