You can’t do it alone.  

I got together with a group of women founders on Friday for lunch.  One mentioned, in passing, that she had a splitting headache.  I offered Excedrin Migraine (because that stuff is bulletproof).  She reluctantly agreed to try it.  While I was in the pantry, another asked if I had Advil.  So I brought them both to the table.

As it turns out, everyone at the table needed a little something.  

We were all taking a scheduled break from our fast-paced lives to connect and support one another.  Apparently, given the moment to pay attention to our bodies, each of us had a pain that could use a little attention.  I had a small headache I’d been ignoring all day, you know the drill.  I thought after I drank enough water and ate breakfast, it would go away.  But there we were at lunchtime and it was still persisting.  We had a quick laugh about the plight of lunch with an entrepreneur.

Along with your food, you’ll be served a headache remedy. 

But the truth is, it’s not limited to entrepreneurs.  Most women today are running so fast to take care of all the things, that our own needs get kicked to the curb too often.  We’ve learned to ignore the aches and pains, the signals that our bodies are begging us to slow down.  I know my guilty hand is raised.

What about yours?

When was the last time you set aside time with other women, specifically to support one another?  That kind of time and space with women you trust is a magical thing.  Not because you’ll pass out headache remedies, but because you’ll stop to breathe.  You’ll rest long enough to notice what’s going on in your body, heart and mind.

You’ll be encouraged to speak up, and do something about it. 

They say entrepreneurs create the thing they need to exist in the world.  I guess “they” are right again.  That’s my why.

It’s why HeartStories exists. 

With Sunny supporting everything HeartStories related, friends housing my dogs and coming to bake cookies in my oven, while I mop up all the puppy dog prints at the last-minute, for house showings . . . Life keeps reminding me lately that I simply cannot do it alone.

Neither can you. 

No matter how much you think you can.

Find your sisters. 

Lean in.  Take the first step to organize and lead if you must.  Find a way.

Share your life with other women who love you.  

You can’t do it alone.

to more love,


(Of course, that’s what our Girls Night Outs are all about, we do all the work, all you have to do is gather your tribe and show up.  Put your stake in the ground.  Get yourself and friend registered today for “Off to the Races GNO” coming up on May 3rd.  I want to see you there.)

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