The fairytale is a lie

Last night I had the privilege of working for my sister Kim, during her open house at her new office location for Esperance Aesthetic Wellness.  It was a huge day for them.  They had their new sign installed.  They held a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Coppell Chamber of Commerce before they welcomed over 100 people through their doors.  With fabulous food, incredible discounts and raffles galore it was most definitely a fabulous event to attend.

It was a beautiful success on every level.

When it was over, we did the very glamorous work of the clean up. We packaged and hauled the trash.  We vacuumed and rolled the red carpet.  We rearranged the furniture, dumped the ice, and laughed until our faces hurt.  I ran to the back of the parking lot to pull my car around and when I returned, this is what I saw.  These two love birds, holding each other, in a quiet moment, taking it all in.

Because, just like everything good in life, it’s been a journey.  

What all the attendees of the event saw last night was the polished, finished product.  They saw the beautiful flowers, the beautifully appointed office, and all the smiling faces.  But of course, there’s so much more they didn’t see.

There’s a much bigger story behind it all. 

There’s a story of pain, struggle, failure, getting knocked down, and fighting tooth and nail to get back up.  It’s a story of years of hard work, day-in and day-out.   It’s a story of learning when to quit, and when to hold on with all you’ve got.

It’s an inspiring story of never giving up on what matters most. 

But if you’re not privy to all the back story, it might look just like a fairytale, painted in hues of “happily ever after”.  It might appear that everything came easily.  It might seem like there was never a drop of sweat, or a moment of desperation.

Appearances so often don’t equal reality. 

Think about that the next time you start to compare your real life, full of questions, pain, and struggle, to the beautiful images of someone else’s fairytale.

The fairytale is a lie.  

The journey is the truth, and it’s worth fighting for.

to more love,



  1. Great article! So true! Love your sister BTW! Hard working lady!

    1. Thank you so much Amy! She sure is!

    2. She sure is! Thank you Amy!!

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